Educating Others

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A Scrum Master constantly educates others about Scrum and the deficiencies in the old way of doing things. He/she has to be the change agent to accomplish that.

  1. Realizes that he is first and foremost a change agent—someone who is not afraid to challenge the old ways for the sake of improving the process, influencing better outcomes, and enriching people’s lives.
  2. Schedules training for various people—team training, product owner training, manager training—so that everyone in the organization is aware of what Scrum is and knowledgeable of how to support teams.
  3. Finds additional teaching opportunities via running the sprint.
  4. On every opportunity, tries to teach others about Agile practices and mind-set.
  5. Regularly challenges the team and the organization to find its own solutions rather than provide the solutions himself.

In addition to the responsibilities discussed in the previous lessons, improving personal skills and characteristics is also a primary responsibility of a Scrum Master. A Scrum Master must be intelligent, technology-minded, tactful, resourceful, and creative. He/she must be able to take in and respond to criticism and feedback, continually working to improve skills and enhance personal characteristics. The Scrum Master knows that a happy team and happy customer are the two best measurements of his or her effectiveness and works hard to achieve this in every team scenario.

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