A simple RPA use case

Often times I have been asked to present a simple RPA use case. In this post, I will try to explain one.

Consider a repeated process where a user needs to download an email attachment that is in a CSV format and post the content on to some website. User then needs to update database with any actionable content and archive that email.

The entire simple process described above can be automated using RPA and user can receive screenshots of the work done by bot, as a proof, at the end of the process.

The following steps describe how it can be done

  1. A user triggers a bot by sending an email with an attachment
  2. Bot receives the email and downloads the attachment
  3. Bot recognizes that the attachment is a CSV file and reads it’s content
  4. Bot opens a browser and navigates to a particular website
  5. Posts the content on the website and takes screenshots as proof of it’s work
  6. Bot stores any actionable content to the database
  7. Bot archives the email
  8. Bot sends an email to the user along with screenshots
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