How to choose the right process for Robotic Process Automation

Identifying candidate processes which can be automated within the scope of RPA is a challenging proposition. One can make use of the process characteristics to identify pool of processes fit for Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Start off by selecting a potential processes and get the people who know the processes, aptly named the Subject Matter Experts aka SMEs, in the same room and get them to help you to define the process.

It is important to first define the start and end of the process. For example, the recruitment process can start when the need for a new employee is realized, the position is advertised, or the first interview starts. Similarly, it can end when the last interview ends, the decision to extend an offer is made, an offer is accepted, a new employee starts their first day at the office, or they are considered a productive member of the team. Defining the start and end points helps making the decision.

Now that you have chosen the potential process and got it all defined, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Is the process repetitive in nature?
  2. Does the process require access to multiple systems?
  3. Is the process prone to human error?
  4. Can the process be broken into unambiguous rules?
  5. Once started, does it need little human intervention?
  6. Will it work with limited exception handling?
  7. Is the volume of data to be processed huge?
  8. Is the process predictive at each step?
  9. Are the systems automatable?
  10. Most importantly, does automating the process meet your ROI goals?

If answers to most of the questions above is an “Yes”, it should be a good candidate for automation.

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