The journey of selecting the right RPA tool

Every organization is different and so are it’s needs and philosophies. To select the right RPA tool, one needs to evaluate the capabilities of various tools and also have a game plan on how to achieve that. The focus of this post is on the game plan.

Select the right process

If your organization is new to automation, selecting the right process for automation is very crucial. Try to select a process that is close to what you would be automating once the Automation Center Of Excellence is established. Do not select a process based on the features provided by the tools. For example, do not choose a process that involves OCR just because you wanted to test the OCR capabilities of a tool.

Give the process enough time

Depending on how many resources you have, selecting the right RPA tool may take anywhere between 1 to 2 months. Once a tool is selected, you will be bound to that for years. So, do not hurry into selecting a tool but rather spend enough time evaluating all the prospective tools and take a decision.

Factor in the response times of vendors as well. In our experience, Automation Anywhere and UI Path were quick in responding to our queries while WorkFusion and BluePrism took weeks to get back.

Have the right team

One major mistake most of the organization make is not to put up the right team to evaluate the tools. An ideal evaluation team should have representatives from each of the following teams:

  • IT/Engineering
  • Business Process Experts
  • Legal/Compliance
  • Info Security
  • Finance
  • Sourcing and procurement

Do a complete end-to-end POC

When evaluating different RPA tools, do not just test features of the tools. When done in silos, most of the tools do what they advertise, just fine. The real devil is in the details and so, do complete end-to-end automation of the POC process selected. It will give you great insights on whether a given tool is the right fit for your needs.

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