UiPath Best Practices: Choices

Decisions need to be implemented in a workflow to enable the Robot to react differently in various conditions in data processing and application interaction. Picking the most appropriate representation of a condition and its subsequent branches has a big impact on the visual structure and readability of a workflow.

If Activity

The IF activity splits a sequence vertically and is perfect for short balanced linear branches. Challenges come when more conditions need to be chained in an IF… ELSE IF manner, especially when branches exceed available screen size in either width or height. As a general guideline, nested If statements are to be avoided to keep the workflow simple/linear.

Flow Decision

Flowchart layouts are good for showcasing important business logic and related conditions like nested IFs or IF… ELSE IF constructs. There are situations where a Flowchart may look good even inside a Sequence.

If Operator

The VB If operator is very useful for minor local conditions or data computing, and it can sometimes reduce a whole block to a single activity.

Switch Activity

Switch activity may be sometimes used in convergence with the If operator to streamline and compact an IF… ELSE IF cascade with distinct conditions and activities per branch.

Flow Switch

Flow Switch selects a next node depending on the value of an expression; FlowSwitch can be seen as the equivalent of the procedural Switch activity in the Flowchart world. It can matchmore than 12 cases by starting more connections from the same switch node.

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