UiPath Best Practices: Naming Conventions

Meaningful names should be assigned to workflow files, activities, arguments and variables in order to accurately describe their usage throughout the project.

Firstly, projects should have meaningful descriptions, as they are also displayed in the Orchestrator user interface and might help in multi-user environments.

Only argument names are case sensitive, but to improve readability, variables also should align to a naming convention.

• Variables should be upper Camel Case, e.g. FirstName, LastName
• Arguments should be in upper Camel Case with a prefix stating the argument type, e.g. in_DefaultTimeout, in_FileName, out_TextResult, io_RetryNumber
• Activity names should concisely reflect the action taken, e.g. Click ‘Save’ Button. Keep the part of the title that describe the action (Click, Type Into, Element exists etc)
• Except for Main, all workflow names should contain the verb describing what the workflow does, e.g. GetTransactionData, ProcessTransation, TakeScreenshot

Comments & Annotations

The Comment activity and Annotations should be used to describe in more detail a technique or particularities of a certain interaction or application behavior. Keep in mind that other people may, at some point, come across a robotic project and try to ease their understanding of the process.

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