What are the core components of Automation Anywhere tool?

Automation Anywhere tool consists of three main components:

  1. Bot Creators / Task Editor
  2. Control Room
  3. Bot Runners

Bot Creators / Task Editors

The Automation Anywhere Task Editor is the most powerful feature of the product. Hundreds of commands and wizards are available that enable you to automate almost any process without programming knowledge.

Control Room

Automation Anywhere’s web-based Control Room allows you to access the Control Room from anywhere,anytime. It has the capability to process growing number of Users and Clients. A role based accessibility model ensures each User views information or data that is relevant to the role assigned to the User by the Control Room Administrator.

Bot Runner

A bot runner is used to run a task. Automation Anywhere’s bot runner is the same as task editor in terms of the UI. When clients are assigned licenses, depending on the requirement, we assign creator and runner licenses. When a client is assigned runner license, it can only run a task. Run command is available on the top bar and all other commands seen in task editor become unavailable.

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